What I leant through my architecture education....

My architecture education taught me a number of things, through the process of being criticised and defending ones work.

You have to believe yourself and back yourself to the hilt, run with your instincts but know that at any moment you could be completely wrong. You might have stumbled onto horrible, imposing, embarrassing triteness or maybe just ugliness and contrivance. 

However I also importantly learnt that you also have to trust your instincts if something occurred to you there was a good idea there. The less contrary the route probably the better the core of the idea. For instance taking up an oppositional idea or standpoint although a useful thought experiment or often worth testing is quite often without the core inspiration and ends up looking strange and contrived.

So both these comments come together to mean to believe in yourself because that is the only way to create anything and move forward, we only develop and learn through doing and creation. We can not master something through theory although we cannot master something through blind practice.  Self reflection review and comment from others are also key, and with this it is most important to remember and hopefully stop yourself throwing the baby out with the bath water.